Curatorial statement

doors forget about their keys,
people forget about their feet,
books forget about their stories,
and still they move.

And still they move,
in the midst of the rushing current,
you’ll find them,
voices roaring the songs of bravado,
as rocks and dust turn to flames,
consumed but unbowed,


Absurdity prevailed, to stand still against the friction of the ever-changing, that keeps grinding and grinding. The blinding sparks fuming with desire, burn and fuzes them to seek for a fracture point.

And still they move, is about the revelation in progress, between ‘faith’ and ‘decision-making’. The graduation show of 2023 showcases the works of 134 graduates, presenting a collection of different responses from the unwavering graduates against the ever-changing.

And still they move.
“and still they move”是關於「信念」與「抉擇」之間階段性的揭示。當外界與自身發生衝突,在磨擦的過程產生花火,穿梭於千絲萬縷中,找尋缺口的慾望、耗損與磨蝕的當下、沒有停卻的意向,挖掘出他們的原貌。 二零二三年度香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業展以 ”and still they move”為題,見證一百三十四位畢業生緊握着各自所堅持的,以自己的語言對抗無常。